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Maintain your lights for improved efficiency.

Lighting maintenance refers to the upkeep and care of lighting systems. Whether you run a factory, restaurant, hotel, hospital, office space, warehouse, or retail store, regular lighting maintenance is crucial to the safety, energy efficiency, and smooth operation of your site.

Lighting Maintenance in Washington, District of Columbia

Lighting maintenance is a comprehensive process that can include a variety of activities. For example, scheduled inspections can identify any malfunctioning lights, damaged fixtures, or areas with insufficient lighting. Lighting maintenance can also involve regular cleaning, energy-efficient upgrades, emergency lighting tests, wiring and connection checks, and more. Ultimately, the purpose of lighting maintenance is to ensure the lighting system is in good shape and confirm its operability moving forward.

We provide lighting maintenance services in the Washington, DC metro area, and we are here to exceed your expectations with the quality of our service. At intelligent Energy Light and Power, our goal is to ensure your commercial lighting system works as it should, and we do this by implementing a comprehensive lighting maintenance plan for your building.

Not only does a well-maintained lighting system result in consistent operability, but it can also help with cost savings by reducing energy consumption and minimizing the need for emergency repairs or frequent replacements. We can help you make this happen, exceeding your expectations with the quality of our service and workmanship. For more information about our lighting maintenance solutions or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.