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We are here to help you make your building as energy efficient as possible.

A leader in delivering facility wide Energy Saving solutions for commercial buildings since 2009

Reliably reducing a building's lighting energy by 70% and HVAC energy up to 20%

We reduce a building's overall energy demand, carbon emissions, maintenance, labor, and ultimately saving organizations money with the quickest return on investment possible

Our experienced team will search out all available rebates and grants to provide you a reliable turnkey solution for your energy savings project

Intelligent Energy Light and Power was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping local commercial property owners like you make your facilities as efficient as possible. Prior to that, our founder, Steve, had been working as the vice president of a real estate development company, so increasing energy efficiency was already a familiar challenge to him, and this seemed like a natural next step. Since then, he and his team have been helping local business owners (and the owners of apartment buildings, sports facilities, and other properties) optimize their lighting and HVAC systems in order to reduce energy consumption and lower their operating costs. If you are interested in lowering your operating costs as well, we encourage you to reach out to us to find out how we can help.

About Intelligent Energy Light and Power in Washington, District of Columbia

When you turn to our team for help in optimizing your building, we will first perform an energy audit to identify the areas where you are currently wasting energy. Then, we’ll recommend ways to address these issues—for example, we may suggest upgrading your existing HVAC system by replacing your old heating or cooling units, or we may recommend replacing your current lights with LED lighting—and create a custom plan for your upgrades. Once you are satisfied with the plans, our team will get to work on installing LED lighting or making any other changes you require.

We are registered rebate trade allies and service providers for many utility companies such as:

  • PEPCO Standard and Small Biz Energy Savings for Business Program
  • BGE Utility Smart Energy Savers Program
  • DCSEU Utilities
  • DELMARVA standard and Small Biz Utilities
  • DUKE Progress Energy
  • SMECO Utilities
  • SCE&G Utilities
  • DOMINION Power
  • PECO Small Business Solutions

We are proud to serve the community here in Washington, DC, and we want to help you optimize your facility and make it more energy efficient. If you are interested in our LED lighting services or anything else we offer, just give us a call.

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