LED Retrofits, Washington, DC

Upgrade existing lighting fixtures with LED technology.

LED retrofits refer to the process of replacing or upgrading existing lighting fixtures with LED technology. When retrofitting a building with LED lights, this typically involves replacing traditional lighting sources, such as halogen lamps, incandescent bulbs, or fluorescent tubes, with LED light sources.

LED Retrofits in Washington, District of Columbia

LED retrofits are an energy efficient and cost-effective solution for reducing the energy consumption of existing lighting systems and improving lighting quality. LED retrofits usually start with a full evaluation of the existing lighting system to determine which areas can benefit from the retrofit. This may involve analyzing the types of fixtures, the condition of the wiring, and the overall lighting requirements of the building.

After the assessment is done, a detailed plan for the retrofit is developed. This plan will specify the number and type of LED fixtures required, as well as any other needed components, like control systems or LED drivers. Once this plan is in place, the existing lighting fixtures are removed, and the new LED fixtures are installed in their place.

We perform LED retrofits here at Intelligent Energy Light and Power, and our team can quickly improve the efficiency of your building with new LED lighting. We do LED retrofits throughout the Washington, DC metro area, and we have successfully completed multiple projects for all kinds of buildings and agencies.

If you are interested in retrofitting your building with new LED lighting, we want to talk to you. Contact us today to learn more about LED retrofits and to schedule an assessment of your building.