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Save on energy costs with LED retrofits.

As a business owner or facility manager, one of your goals may be to cut costs at your location. One of the most impactful strategies for achieving this is analyzing your overhead costs and looking for ways to reduce spending. At Intelligent Energy Light and Power, we want to help your building or facility achieve the highest energy savings possible.

Energy Savings in Washington, District of Columbia

If your business in the Washington, DC metro area is eager to take advantage of energy savings, we want to talk to you more about what we do. Put simply, we design and install commercial and industrial LED lighting, helping business achieve up to 80% savings on their lighting costs. We can also optimize and improve your existing electrical system through motor controls, improved power quality, and high-efficiency transformers.

As an electrical engineering and implementation firm, we design and install energy-efficient technology in commercial facilities and help them achieve greater energy savings. We will work directly with you to identify solutions and find ways to help you cut back on spending, particularly where your lighting costs are concerned. We have established ourselves as a leader in our field and have completed successful project after successful project since we got our start in 2009.

If you want to achieve greater energy savings, we are here to help you reach this goal. For more information about our approach to energy savings and how we can help your business improve its efficiency, contact us now.