A Closer Look at LED Energy Audits

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LED energy audits are a type of comprehensive evaluation of a facility’s lighting systems. The purpose of one of these energy audits is to identify ways to improve energy efficiency while reducing lighting-related operational costs.

A Closer Look at LED Energy Audits

When we conduct energy audits at Intelligent Energy Light and Power, we focus on assessing and optimizing lighting technologies. We also identify opportunities to transition traditional lighting sources, such as fluorescent or incandescent lighting, to energy-efficient LED lighting.

At the start of the energy audits we conduct, we examine the building’s existing lighting systems. This examination will include a review of the building’s lamps, ballasts, controls, and fixtures. After we assess these lights, we will review their performance, condition, and overall energy consumption.

We will use the data we collect during this assessment to analyze the building’s current energy usage and what it costs. We may also use this as an opportunity to take on-site measurements and evaluate historical utility bills.

Finally, we will calculate the building’s potential energy savings and cost savings that can be achieved when upgrading to LED lighting. To make these calculations, we will consider factors such as maintenance savings, reduced electricity consumption, and rebates or incentives available for new LED installations.

An energy audit is a worthwhile investment in your building’s overall efficiency and performance. For additional information about what happens during the energy audits we conduct or to schedule an audit, reach out to us today.